Bruce Springsteen Growin’ Up Tribute

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Memorable Movie Deaths #2: The Kali Ma scene in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

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Was watching, The Indiana Jones Trilogy (It’s still is regardless of the 4th) a couple days ago when I was sick from all the eating I did Christmas and I knew I just had to post this scene, which due to it’s awesomeness is the reason why we have the PG-13 rating.

Lazy Day Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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Note: Yes I called him Rory Culkin when it was Kieran Culkin, I was unaware there was another Culkin brother in the movie biz.

Lazy Day Movie Review: Easy A

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Epic!: The “Step In Time” Dance Number in Mary Poppins

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Just epic dancing all around! What makes it even more epic was the fact that the sets they shot on were indoors and under heavy lighting so who knows just how hot it was during that shooting. Also they had to re-shoot the whole scene when they discovered the negative had gotten scratched. Truly and epic performance all around!

Movie ?s #2 Mary Poppins

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Watching Mary Poppins right now and I already have two questions so I figured I’d keep a new post one and added to the first two I already have.


Why the hell does Admiral Boom get to fire that cannon off to announce the time? I mean in the movie it’s just a comical little running joke, but it really got me to wonder why they allow it to happen in such a high class neighborhood that the Banks live in. I mean I don’t know what kind of laws they had back in 1910 England but Boom has to be breaking one. Also wasn’t England humiliated enough when America kicked their ass in the Revolutionary War? Oh boy there goes any British readers I had.


When George Banks goes to hire a new nanny he has Winifred write the add for him and then take down every word of a little ballad/song. Well it got me to wondering of course the Banks are a family of high class so they would be able to afford to pay for such a long add. What I wanted to know was just how many British Pounds it actually did cost George to have that little ballad/song written? Obviously he was willing to spend for that one because he tore up the much sweeter one that Jane and Michael wrote that ends up getting to Mary Poppins.


During the “Measure Up” scene we find out how Jane, Michael and Mary measure up but I’m sure I’m not the only one that wonders what other measurements are on that “Measure Up” tape?


The “I Love To Laugh!” scene with Uncle Albert: Greatest metaphor for the dangers of drug use ever?


In the course of Mary Poppins Bert works at the very least five jobs. What temp job agency does he go to because me and about fifteen million Americans sure would like to know?



This is probably the most random thing in an already crazy magical movie but for me it’s my favorite part. When Mary Poppins is trying to get the children to go to sleep she says this to Michael “…or I’ll have to summon a policeman.” When I watched Mary Poppins the first time as an adult I broke up laughing at that. Now I just wonder what the hell at it. A policeman? It’s just one of those absurd lines that if you’re an adult you first wonder why the hell would she say that then you just laugh because of the absurdity.


And for my final question how many of you, when you were little and saw Mary Poppins were you scared shitless by this?:

When I first saw Mary Poppins when I was a little kid that old hag scared the shit out of. So in closing to my Mary Poppins ?s I do highly recommend checking out a truly timeless and classic Disney movie. Just if you’re showing it to little kids consider skipping the old hag scene it can be quite traumatizing, I’m living proof.

Memorable Little Movie Moments: Bert’s Intro in Mary Poppins

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There’s just something charming about this little scene/introduction of Bert (More then likely the great Dick Van Dyke).

I also paid a small homage to the little poem Bert says about the winds changing to start a rather lengthy poem I wrote when I went to visit a friend at his college in New York City.

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