Watching Wizard of Oz tonight I got to thinking about something. We all remember that amazing moment in the movie where Dorothy lands in Oz and goes to the the door of the farm house to have one of the most memorable reveals in movie history. The thing I got to thinking about is we all know that the farm house landed on the wicked witch of the East who was said to have been the ruler of Munchkin Land. Well if she had been the ruler of  Munchkin Land why was the land so beautiful as opposed to later on in the film when they go to kill the Wicked West of The West? I looked into it on Wikipedia and it never really explains how or why the Wicked Witch of the East came to be the ruler of Munchkin Land. My guess is there was a whole lot of repression going on before Dorothy landed on that witch as evidenced by the big celebration and all the songs that were sung after Dorothy’s arrival. How ever it was not meant to last forever as we would see in the rather dark nature of 1985’s Return To Oz.

To think in our world Witches had to worry about being burned at the stake, but in Oz they had to worry about houses falling on them.